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Bootstrap v4.3.1

Latest so far Please download the latest one for official link

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Fancybox v3 apply

The newest version, made with mobile swipe in mind, and has a lot of features, ...

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An embed text editor for bootstrap Get official latest release from

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Password Validator

Javascript based password entry validator

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RealPerson Captcha

Captcha, smart new way to do it. Again, an actually working captcha, not like ...

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15 Datestamps

15 pure CSS date stamps to be used or Calendar view of a date, something I ...

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Rounds time into nearest quarter up or down, half up or down based on argument ...

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CSS Tree, a treeview Originally from


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Dynamic ASP include

ASP function replaces the standard "include" statement, allowing a TRUE working ...

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Shortcuts (rundll32.exe)

Shortcuts to do certain commands in Windows (tested in Windows 7) Shutdown, ...

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DB Class

Database Class in Classic ASP An old article I found that helps a lot these ...

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Posts per year-month

Create summary list If you have SQL table named Messages, with DateStamp ...