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Opens an image using Irfanview (i_view32.exe attached which also inscludes a ...

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Converts an image from any image into any image using IrfanView command line ...

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34 Animated GIFs

Set of 34 animated gifs as preloaders

34 Animated

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WindowsProgress Preloader

Windows progress preloader in JS From

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Windows Preloader

Windows preloader in CSS3, neat, right? From

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Construction graphics 27

27 graphics for construction, or under construction

27 Construction

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CSS3 spinner3

Pure css3 spinner or pre-loader Originally from http://codepen. ...

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Preloader GIFs

A set of 83 animated GIFs that can be used as pre-loaders, or loading. You ...

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10 Loading Circles

CSS-only spinners, 10 of them

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CSS loading spinner

Nice simple CSS loading spinner

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Open different Filestypes

Populate list of filetypes in Application.GetOpenFilename method. This command ...

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Thumbnail generator

Generates thumb image file from a jpg, gif or png, saves it to server, or show ...