ANmarAmdeen 629

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Opens webpage from within Excel, using default browser

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Downloads a certain page source into a variable, full content in HTML, using ...

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GetSon + GetPapa (with _URL and _Sep versions)

Gets that parent folder name giving a full path, or gets the child folder, Can ...

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Download a file from URL from inside Excel into certain path, returns blank if ...

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FilesIn + FilesIn_Count

Returns list of files found in a folder, list separated with custom separator ...

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Shows an image after clicking on its thumbnail, like in web applications Can ...

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Prompt for a password, or username and password, returns information back to ...

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Allow website to have scroll bars on areas, like a web app Applied in ANmar. ...

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List of options (Frm87)

Show list of items with their description from "Settings" sheet Have that list ...

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Shareware software window (Frm4)

Show Shareware software
How to use it:
Frm4. ...

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Calendar, a pure-VBA userform (FrmCal)

VBA pure Calendar form, no outside lib needed
After importing the ...

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VBA Progressbar (Frm73)

Progress bar Frm73 or just simple message Zip file contains .frm and .frx ...