VBA 60 Visual Basic for Application (or macros) in most application. Code here can also be used in VBA-Excel

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Cuts a string from a string FROM RIGHT starting from specific character and ...

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Copies text to clipboard using MSForms

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ANStrColor2RGB + RGB2ANStrColor

Converts R:G:B into RGB value (as long) and RGB from long into R:G:B

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Using same code in CutString3, this will search for matching items. Searches ...

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Cuts a string from a larger one using separators.
Ex, CutString3("Will ...

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Format the number as ' <1000 = 1,2,55, 85, 989 ' <1000000 = 1K, ...

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Replaces all chars found in Chars_to_remove from String1 with Char_to_put One ...

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Calendar, a pure-VBA userform (FrmCal)

VBA pure Calendar form, no outside lib needed
After importing the ...


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VBA Progressbar (Frm73)

Progress bar Frm73 or just simple message Zip file contains .frm and .frx ...


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iShuffle + lShuffle

Generates a random number, integer or long

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Reads and saves text file giving its full name Used a lot in my tools, very ...

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ListRead + ListSave + ...

Set of functions to manage ANStrList strings, read, save, delete, sort, compare, ...