Get output of DOS Command in string, by reading output into temp text file, then read that file back into string.
Can be used to run any command, using > symbol

Function DosCommand_Read(DOSCommand, TempFile)
 ' Gets the out put of a dos command
 ' Any dos command
 Dim iFile As Integer
 Dim sData As String
 iFile = FreeFile()
 FullDOSCommand = ""
 File2 = TempFile
 IF File2 = "" then File2 = "C:\File1.txt"
 Shell "cmd /c " & DOSCommand & " > " & File2
 Do ' wait for it to finish ...
  On Error Resume Next
  Close #iFile
  Open File2 For Input As #iFile
  If Err.Number = 0 Then Exit Do
 Close #iFile
 On Error GoTo 0
 Open File2 For Input As #iFile
 sData = Input(LOF(iFile), #iFile)
 Close #iFile
 Kill File2
 DosCommand_Read = sData
End Function

DOSCommand, TempFile

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