VHD files 950MB + 1.8GB + 3GB

VHD files, 950MB, 1.8GB and 3GB, helpful when you want to quickly save files into 1, 2 or 4 GB USB drive respectively in semi protected way (no password set).

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Sometimes you need to have handy a quick hidden way to save files in semi protected method, this is a VHD file, Virtual hard drive that has no password, usually double-click in Windows to map it (mount it).
Once mapped as you finish working with it, right-click that drive in "My PC" to unmap it (Dismount).
If you have Windows Professional version (Windows 7 or later), you can set up a password for it using Bittorrent.

Link below has all these vhds
950MB, 1.8GB and 3GB
<a href="http://cloud2.zoolz.com/s-2QCwkqn2">http://cloud2.zoolz.com/s-2QCwkqn2</a>

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